The Kidney Patient’s Unmet Clinical Need

How Vascular Therapies is Addressing the Need

Local Drug Delivery

Vascular Therapies’ approach is to deliver sirolimus (a drug) locally to the blood vessel at and around the anastomosis. It is doing so by implanting a collagen-based drug delivery system containing sirolimus at the time of the surgical procedure. Vascular Therapies’ goal: to prevent the veins from narrowing, keep the portal open and provide for consistent vascular access necessary for successful dialysis.

Vascular Therapies’ Promising Clinical Trial Results

Vascular Therapies is currently conducting a Phase 3 randomized, multi-center study in the United States. It’s designed to test the efficacy and safety of the Sirolimus-Eluting Collagen Implant. Outcomes of the company’s Phase 2 clinical study supported safety, feasibility and provided a signal for efficacy.

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Vascular Therapies now in phase 3 clinical trials

Caution: The Sirolimus-eluting Collagen Implant is an investigational product that is not available for sale in any country.
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